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Customer Reviews

Here are some of our Customer Reviews:

Great product, Awesome prices & Fast delivery

Posted by STEPHANIE SHORT on Feb 27th 2018        

 I have tried many other brands from many other websites, but will stick with Royal Organics for the Red Borneo.

I will buy nowhere else

Product: Royal White Posted By: Granville Clemons

As the auto-fill option I will buy nowhere else suggest that is the absolute truth with me personally and quite a few of my friends I have introduced to Richard and Royal Organics one of my personal standards in any business interaction is customer service next to that of course is the quality of product I believe this to be true of any business transaction in explaining that I would like to express my love and admiration 4 this product specifically but overall I haven't been dissatisfied in any way with quality to me what stands out most is customer service and Rick personally does his company and our Kratom community at great service with his unfaltering top-notch customer service I believe they genuinely take pride in their product in customer service. Look if you're on the fence and haven't ordered from this company before do it don't hesitate at all I don't think you will be dissatisfied but if the unimaginable does happen contact them they will make it right


Product: Elephant Kratom Capsules Posted By: Grace

Easily my favorite strain of all time!  Powerful aroma. Relaxing but definitely brings a burst of energy. Royal Organics is the best! Rick customer service is unmatched. Definitely a life long customer. Wish I had found Royal Organics sooner!

One of my top 3 favorites.

Product: Kings Bounty Blend Posted By: Jaxon 

Unsurpassed customer service!

Gold and Green  

Product: Gold Bali Posted By: Greg 

I have been ordering here for over a year, people are great and product is awesome and prices are great as well. Always feel comfortable when ordering or talking to them.

Best Product AND Company!

Product: White MeangDa Posted By: Jasmine

This product has changed my life. No need for daily, high doses of meds to help with health issues. The price is hands down the best out there, the quality is above any I have ever tried and Royal Organics has the most amazing customer service, fast delivery and is overall worth every single penny!


Product: Green Malaysian Posted By: Anonymous  

Definitely recommend. I had gone through a different vendor, 237botanicals, for two and a half years and thought I had built up a tolerance. Turns out that upon trying this that was not the case at all, it was just the product potency had   gone way down hill. This R.O. Green Malaysian took me back to when it was   good. Was like discovering it for the first time all over. Thank you Royal Organics for a superb product. Not to mention I received my order the day   after I placed it. All in all this experience was a 10/10.

Best of all stands...

Product: Knights Armor Posted By: N/A

I find this mix of stands a good balance. My reviews are predominantly about how amazing the service that Royal organics hold. Rick is truly on top of the best customer service there is to find.

Two birds one stone!                     

Posted by Benjamin

Have taken kratom for years now and this product is a great balance for energy and pain relief. Not quite as energizing as white indo(which I can't seem to find for a good price) but definitely does the job and great pain reliever!! Also, Rick is on my speed dial and is one hell of a businessman! Always great doing business with someone always on top of their sh!?

Great product - great price                  

Posted by Dave   

Loved the white maengda.  Just as good as my old supplier, but a heck of a lot cheaper.  Rick is super friendly and knowledgeable and I received my product in just 2 days after ordering. These guys are my new go-to kratom vendor.  Keep up the good work!

 Quality and service WOW!

 Posted by Micah

 “I have an auto-immune condition that causes significant pain in my joints.  I grew quite tired of all of the regulations being placed on pain medications, as well as growing tired of the pain medications themselves.  So, I began researching other pain control methods.  I had never used Kratom so I was a bit leery.  Rick at Royal Organics took 30 minutes out of his time to answer ALL of my questions.  I would recommend his customer service AND his product to anyone, including my own family!"  Thanks for all you do, Micah

















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