CBD Oil Capsules [25mg]


LIGHT CONCENTRATION – Recommended for beginners Give your body a fresh start with all the beneficial properties contained in the amazing hemp plant.


 LABORATORY TESTED: All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories
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 ORGANIC PRODUCT: All our products contain natural ingredients only. Free of preservatives,
colorants or additives.
 CO2 EXTRACTION: This is the cleanest and safest way to produce CBD extracts with the
highest quality
 VEGAN PRODUCT: All our products are vegan
 GLUTEN FREE: All our products are gluten free
 NO - GMO: Our products do not contain any transgenic compounds.
 LABORATORY ANALYSIS: All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories
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How to use CBD capsules?
For better absorption it is recommended that the capsules are consumed once or twice a day
on an empty stomach. Simply place a capsule in your mouth and swallow it with the help of a
glass of water.

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 Improve your well-being with our soft CBD organic oil capsules. The formula developed by
Royal Organics contains a wide spectrum of beneficial natural compounds that will help you
improve your overall well-being. Our oils are created under strict controls that ensure the
production of extracts of the highest quality. The hemp plants used for their creation are grown
exclusively organically, resulting in a totally natural and environmentally friendly product.
CBD oil promotes stimulation of the endocannabinoid system and gently helps to balance and
calm mind and body. Royal Organics uses a CO2 extraction method that is widely recognized as
the best method of producing CBD extracts with the highest quality. Thanks to this superior
extraction process, our CBD oils retain all the natural properties and beneficial components that
the hemp plant offers us.

 One capsule contains 50mg of CBD.
 30 capsules per box.
 Daily wellness support 0.00% THC
 Discreet, easy and quick way to consume CBD
 Precise dose
 Suitable for beginners

Instructions for use
It is recommended that capsules are consumed on an empty stomach once or twice daily as a
dietary supplement.

While you become familiar with CBD and its unique effect on your well-being, it is important
that you start using it slowly at a low dose. When your body starts getting used to CBD, you can
slowly start exploring which dosage is optimal for you. The most important thing to keep in
mind is that you should always increase your dosage gradually. Dose increases should be made
from a single drop of oil at a time. Listen to your body, it will help you find out when you has
reached the optimal dose.
Store the capsules in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

 The secrets of cannabinoids are extensive. After many years of study, scientists still know
very little about how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other
complex systems and organs in our bodies. Determining the specific mechanisms which
produce the broad range of CBD beneficial effects on the human body might take some more
years. Researches are very encouraging and will end up unveiling all the potential benefits that
the CBD can provide us with.

 Appetite control
 Anti- Inflammatory

 Bone growth stimulation
Bone strengthening
Appetite control
Vasorelaxant (for glaucoma)
 Anti-Ischemic (prevention of plaque build-up in arteries)

 Laboratory test results
 All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories [Download laboratory test]