Canine CBD OIL


Recommended for all breeds Give your best friend a fresh start with all the beneficial properties contained in the amazing hemp plant. [Read more]


 LABORATORY TESTED: All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories
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 ORGANIC PRODUCT: All our products contain natural ingredients only. Free of preservatives,
colorants or additives.
 CO2 EXTRACTION: This is the cleanest and safest way to produce CBD extracts with the
highest quality
 VEGAN PRODUCT: All our products are vegan
 GLUTEN FREE: All our products are gluten free
 NO - GMO: Our products do not contain any transgenic compounds.
 LABORATORY ANALYSIS: All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories
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How to use our dog oil?
Shake the bottle well before use. For adult dogs administer 3 drops per 10 kg body weight 2
or 3 times a day. Follow our tips to find the ideal dosage for your pet.

 How to use
 Laboratory analysis

Improve your best friend's well-being with our specially developed organic CBD oil drops for
dogs. Animals can also take advantage of the beneficial effects of CBD as, like humans, they also
possess an endocannabinoid system capable of processing cannabidiol. Our high quality
formulas contain a full spectrum of beneficial natural compounds. All our CBD oils are created
under strict controls that ensure the production of extracts of the highest quality. The plants
used to create our oils are grown using organic processes guaranteeing a natural product of the
highest quality.

 Specially formulated for dogs
 Contains 250 drops (approximately 1mg of CBD per drop)
 10ml boat
 Daily wellness support
 0.00% de THC
 CBD oil gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to increasing or reducing the dose

Hemp seed oil (50%), Omega 3 (0.75g), Omega 6 (2.5g), Vitamin E (5mg) phytocannabinoids
cannabidiol 15% (CBD 1500mg), low concentrations of the natural forms of (CBC,CBG, CBN)
TerpenesMyrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta-pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene
oxide, Terpinolene, and Humulene. Other natural moleculesCannabis plant waxes, flavonoids

(Quercetin, Apigenin, and Cannaflavin), alkanes, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, ketones,
glycosides, vitamins, pigments, water, cofactors, and co-nutrients.
*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of the hemp plant. No preservatives, artificial colors,
vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO

Instructions for use
Shake the bottle well before use. For adult dogs administer 3 drops per 10 kg body weight 2 or
3 times a day. Apply CBD oil drops directly to his mouth or pour them over his favourite food.
We believe that our pets deserve only the highest quality in healthy ingredients, just like
humans. Our pet CBD oils are organic and do not contain transgenic compounds (Non-GMO).
As with people, while your dog gets familiar with CBD and its unique effect on your well-being,
it is important that you start using it slowly at a low dose. When your body starts getting used
to CBD, you can slowly start exploring which dose your pet is optimal. The most important thing
to keep in mind is that you should always increase your dosage gradually. Dose increases should
be made from a single drop of oil at a time. Notice how your dog feels as well as its mood, it will
help you find out when you have reached your optimal dose.
Store the bottle in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

The secrets of cannabinoids are extensive. After many years of study, scientists still know very
little about how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other
complex systems and organs in our bodies. Determining the specific mechanisms which
produce the broad range of CBD beneficial effects on the human body might take some more
years. Researches are very encouraging and will end up unveiling all the potential benefits that
the CBD can provide us with.

 Appetite control
 Anti- Inflammatory

 Bone growth stimulation
Bone strengthening
Appetite control
Vasorelaxant (for glaucoma)
 Anti-Ischemic (prevention of plaque build-up in arteries)

 Laboratory test results
 All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories [Download laboratory test]